Kit's New Normal {July 2015}

Another Wednesday, another day. 
And yet to them it wasn't. It would be an early morning and they weren't sure when they would return home. They had done this before, anticipating a few hours, finding out later days would turn into weeks within hospital walls.
They woke her up and set the alarm after. She had until seven to eat.
Because after that, it would be the wait.
The day would be full; hallways and elevators and doctors and tests lay ahead. 

There had been some weeks of life as it used to be, spending lazy mornings with breakfast together, playing in summer sunshine, dripping popsicles and finding refuge in familiarity, but today was back to their new normal. 

They had met many others walking these days, months, years ahead of their story, but the journey was often the same. Children were around them daily, flesh failing yet spirit thriving, strength exemplified. 
They had also met those broken. Destroyed by disappointment, hope burnt out, souls empty.
Yet, Kit's choice has been made from the beginning.
They'll do what it takes. They'll carry hope wherever they go, they won't let go of faith.
And when they can't, their people will carry them.
Because already, plans have been thwarted, goals missed. And they've needed those around them from the start. 
Within the month it all began, more doctors were brought on board.
Her cancer is a strong one, and early on she was moved to a high risk category.
The most terrifying statistic, a lessened chance of a smooth recovery; survival is just a little bit further from secure.

And yet, their daily can be just as formidable.
Because higher, stronger doses of chemotherapy have meant weeks of loneliness, friendships have become ones of distance as quarantine has become more frequent than not. Even family has been isolated from each other as MaryKate transports Kit, Corey picks up Connor, meeting in a waiting room they cross paths in handoff. Daily they are sequestered from childhood memories, a brother without a playmate, a sister alone in a quiet room; this is their normal now. 

Routine has changed drastically as with the prognosis, an incredibly weakened immune system and intensified medicine regimen, in home care for Kit is now required. Thus, bills have begun to pile, deductibles met within the first week of the news that changed their life followed by expenses that only seem to grow with each day, each week, each change. The emotional and financial strain has become more intense each month that passes. 

There have been breaths of good news along the way, a first checkpoint indicated remission and celebration must be chosen, grasped eagerly in the face of the daunting journey ahead, because this is just the beginning. Often misunderstood, this doesn't mean healing, but rather the right pathway, right approach chosen. And now, gaze steady on triumph, they can continue the fight. Adrenaline was short lived, appreciated while it lasted, but now in this new normal, community as it has been from the start, will continue to be their main source of strength, chief reminder of hope.

To learn more about Kit's new normal, see the film update below.

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