Meet Kit {February 2015}

Mondays come and go mundane. After tricycle weekends, they're often without thought. Another morning of settling back into meetings and busy and juggling. And this one started just the same. But with a pause over purpled bruises and a lump that on a different day could have been attributed to a simple childhood cold, a mother's intuition, quick visit to the doctor and within hours their life had changed.

Less than 24 hours after the initial appointment, Kit was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and underwent surgery to implant her port for the first dose of chemotherapy which she received promptly after the surgery, as well as a spinal tap for bone marrow samples.

Their journey is a hopeful one but not without fight. 86% of Kit's blood cells are leukemia cells. Blood transfusions, hemoglobin count and steroids will be a part of this family's daily vocabulary, their living, for a long time to come. Where her momma used to tousle wayward toddler strands, she'll soon run her fingers over softer, smoother skin. And, expenses, they will be many.

Her dad, Corey, posted as his little girl dosed off for the first time within strange hospital walls, "Scared, angry, afraid, heart broken..these are some of the words that could describe us the past 24 hours. 'Alone' is not one of them."

And so, from one parent to another, from one family to the next, I share these photos with a full heart of thanks in advance for the prayers they will receive.

Please pass her story on, share stories of her "fighting Irish" spunk,
but, most importantly,
be prepared to watch how this little girl fights her battle with joy, strength and triumph.

See the introduction to Kit's story in film below.