Kit's Chemotherapy {April 2015}

Clouds couldn't part for the morning, heavy with the pain the day would bring.
Kit's been fighting, a new normal setting in. She braves a few smiles for the nurses, they've learned her rhythm. And though no child should find home within a hospital, she knows where they park, their favorite room, already celebrated a holiday already within their walls.

But this day was different.
This day held the tears of the fight.

No step of the way will be easy, but this day hurt.
With each turn brought a moan, no relief anywhere but her mother's arms.
And when her tiny body would find moments of rest in slumber,
MaryKate and I would whisper of sweetness, salve to aching hearts-
the precious stories her brother and her tell each other each night over the phone,
the way their whole life has led to this,
even back to the afternoon she found out she was, so unexpectedly, carrying this miracle babe.
See, from the start, Kit's promise had been threatened, her life in the balance, not expected to survive, the pregnancy was deemed a miscarriage the morning after the news had been celebrated.

And, yet, just like now, they held hope.
Driving for one final check for the baby they loved already, while storms rolled in and waves crashed against the shores they followed,  MaryKate chose the name for her daughter, Kit.
Named for a loved one who had passed just before, pure, carrier of Christ,
the One who carries her now.

See, just a few days ago the tone got a little more somber.
Hope still anchors, but facing the strength they will need with realization of its magnitude is required.

As tests come and go each hundredth of a percentage is everything.
And a recent result held too much of what threatens her.
And yet,
they walk forward,
fighting even harder,
with even more faith than before.
This is just one more step in their journey.

See the film of a day in Kit's life below.