Our First Addition to the Freely Given Favorites Collection!

We are excited to announce the Freely Given Favorites Collection!  This collection will include the top selling item from a story's limited edition collection.  This collection can be found in our online storefront under the Freely Given Favorites category.

The first addition to the Freely Given Favorites collection is the Triangle shirt from the Go Kit Go collection.  The Go Kit Go collection ran from August to October 2015 and raised over $10,200 to help alleviate the cost of in home care for Kit and her family.  You can learn more about Kit's battle with Leukemia in the blog posts below.  Kit is now paying it forward to Noah's Bandage Project as for a limited time 90% of the profits from each Go Kit Go shirt sold in the Freely Given Favorites Collection will go directly to the Noah's Bandage Project. 

About Noah's Bandage Project

Noah's Bandage Project was started by Noah Wilson (age 6) shortly after being diagnosed with cancer.  He quickly learned that his hospital did not have cool/fun bandages and he wanted to change that. He collects colorful and fun bandages and provides them to hospitals, schools, shelters, camps, and other avenues that support kids. He knows that a bandage is more than just a covering, but is a badge of courage and a source of identity to kids who have to endure scary things. He also raises money for pediatric cancer research, and brings awareness to help increase the support being provided to kids battling this illness.  Despite the grief we all have faced in losing Kit's friend and this young hero to his battle with cancer in 2015, his legacy lives on. To date, Noah has collected over 24k boxes of bandages, and raised over $65k.  Noah's Bandage Project goal is to raise $100k for our first research grant by June 2016.  You can learn more about Noah's project by visiting their website.

Where Does The Funding Go?

The funding that Noah's Bandage Project raises is going to support pediatric cancer research, specifically in the areas of Ewing Sarcoma and AML Leukemia research.  These are the 2 cancers that Noah had. The grants will support research affiliated with Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City and it's teams of Dr's.